Neurosoft Educational Videos

26 years ago we developed our first medical device. Over the years the company has become a specialist in neurodiagnostic and neurophysiological equipment and now Neurosoft brand is known all over the world. We have been dedicated to supply our customers with best possible clinical and research solutions and try to overcome their expectations. This is ensured by continuous feedback obtained.


Neuro-Audio OAE

Neuro-Audio ABR

Neuro-Audio Multi-ASSR

Neuro-Audio ECochG

Neuro-Audio Pure Tone Audiometry

Neuro-Audio MMN, P300

Neuron-Spectrum EEG System

new EEG examination creation

EEG acquisition

EEG analysis

EEG reviewing and editing

montage editor

Video EEG (LTM)

program settings

EEG examination export

generating exam report

Focus EMG

Motor Nerve Conduction 

F-wave Study

Sensory conduction study


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All functions of equipment shown on these videos may not be available for the US market.