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Neurosoft Company produces and sells medical diagnostic equipment for veterinary medicine for 11 years. For veterinary clinics, livestock farms and research institutes, we supply electroencephalographs, electrocardiographs, holter monitoring systems, systems for objective hearing diagnostics. The small size of the devices and the ability to work from a laptop help to conduct surveys in familiar conditions for animals and get a fast and reliable result.
  1. ECG
    Poly-Spectrum-8 (for small and medium animals)
    veterinary computerized electrocardiograph
    ECG recording in standard leads ECG electrodes of special design automatic placement of markers taking into account the features of the ECG of animals ECG Interpretation Algorithms for Veterinary Medicine ECG monitoring during operations *Optional wireless -Bluetooth connection
  2. ECG
    Poly-Spectrum-8 (for large animals)
    computerized electrocardiograph for horses
    ECG registration in standard veterinary leads 2 meter lead cable and special ECG electrodes automatic placement of markers taking into account the features of the ECG of animals ECG Interpretation Algorithms for Veterinary Medicine ECG monitoring during operations *Optional wireless -Bluetooth connection


holter monitoring system for veterinary medicine

registration of 2 or 3 ECG channels
complete cardiac information
easy programming of registration parameters
front panel status lights
built-in wireless - Bluetooth

Registration of 2 or 3 ECG channels
Depending on the type of cable used, you can record ECG on 2 or 3 channels. "Poly-Spectrum-AM/V" allows you to continuously record ECG for 24–72 hours.
Complete Cardiac Information
Holter monitoring allows you to assess the blood supply of the heart muscle, the frequency and sequence of contractions. Thanks to this method, it is possible to identify and also promptly prevent the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system, such as arrhythmia (cardiac arrhythmia).
24-hour ECG monitoring is indispensable when temporary arrhythmias occur sporadically and do not always appear on a normal ECG .
Easy programming of registration parameters
It is possible to program all registration parameters, including the ECG sampling frequency: 250, 500 or 1000 Hz.
Along with the ECG, other channels can be recorded: respiration, motor activity, body position, pacemaker pulses, which significantly expands the functionality of the complex, allowing you to get additional information about the animal.
Front Panel Status Indicators
The status of the recorder is determined using three indicators: "Operation" (the device is turned on and working normally), "Open" (open of one or several leads), "Battery" (battery replacement is required).
Built-in wireless - Bluetooth
To control the registration, a wireless module (Bluetooth) is built into the device to communicate with a computer within a radius of 7–10 meters. The ECG of the animal with the installed registrar at any time can be viewed in real time on the computer of the veterinarian. Thanks to this function, Poly-Spectrum-AM/V can be used for cardio-monitoring during surgery and postoperative rehabilitation.

Neuro Audio / V

veterinary audiometer

BAEP-test - the gold standard for diagnosing hearing loss

otoacoustic emission (OAE)

compact size and light weight

high quality recording

routine and research tasks

flexible adjustment of registration parameters


2-channel Ultraportable EMG and NCS System with a Built-in Keyboard

Main Features:

2 channels are optimized to perform quickly motor and sensory conduction tests, needle EMG;
portable, can operate with notebook;
all-in-one: stimulators, acquisition channels, controls, display;
high acquisition quality: sampling rate – up to 100 kHz;
electrical stimulator with ultra-fast switching between two outputs
*available for animal studies only

Neuron-Spectrum-5 EEG/EMG/EP

32-channel Upgradeable EEG and Long-Term Monitoring System, NCS/EMG/EP

32 EEG channels + 9 channels to record any physiological signals
11 types of EEG analysis
impedance measurement button on EEG unit
12 options to expand the device functions including video monitoring, polysomnography, NCS, EMG, EP etc.
license for unlimited number of workstations
​​*available for animal studies only

Neuro-ERG / V

veterinary computerized electroretinograph

Main advantages:

objective visual examination and analysis of the functional activity of the retina
a set of specially designed electrodes
mini ganzfeld stimulator for basic samples
solution for a number of clinical problems

Assessment of the functional state of the retina

Electroretinography (ERG) is a method of functional research of the retina, based on the registration of bioelectric potentials arising under the influence of light. The technique is minimally invasive and provides the physician with objective information about the functional state of the retina.
Why do animals spend ERG
Quite often, pet owners go to veterinary clinics complaining of weakness or lack of vision in their pets. But, unfortunately, it is not always the doctor who can objectively judge the visual acuity by the “obstacle course” or “cotton ball” tests. In this case, electroretinography becomes the only method for assessing the vision.
Indications for ERG
*Early detection of progressive retinal atrophy. In some dog breeds (dachshund, cocker spaniel, labrador), changes on the electroretinogram appear much earlier than clinical manifestations (in particular, changes in the fundus pattern)
*Sudden blindness with normal fundus pattern. In this case, ERG provides an opportunity to differentiate the pathology of the retina
*Mature cataract with inability to assess the fundus. In this case, ERG allows to assess the state of the retina and decide on the feasibility of surgical intervention.